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LesPhobia is a forum-based free download centrum for Les Claypool fans.
At Lesphobia you can download everything around frontman Les Claypool that is not buyable in stores and on offical sites.
We are talking audience recordings (audio/video) and public released videoclips.

  • At the moment we are sharing:

    Frog Brigade (2005-01-07) JamCruise 4.torrent
    Frog Brigade (2004-01-11) Jamcruise.torrent
    Frog Brigade (2001-12-31) New Years Eve.torrent
    Primus (1991-11-13) Cleveland-OH.torrent
    Primus (unknown) Live on KZSU.torrent
    Primus (unknown) Live in Canada.torrent
    Primus (2005-10-29).torrent
    Primus (2005-10-29) Las Vegas, NV.torrent
    Primus (2003-11-15) Philadelphia, PA.torrent
    Primus (2003-10-25).torrent
    Primus (2003-10-21) Fillmore - Denver, CO.torrent
    Primus (2000-02-10) Austin, TX.torrent
    Primus (1998-12-31) San Francisco, CA.torrent
    Primus (1998-12-31) Oakland, CA.torrent
    Primus (1998-02-10).torrent
    Primus (1997-07-27) Horde, Detroit.torrent
    Primus (1993) Los Angeles, CA.torrent
    Primus (1992-03-20) San Jose State University.torrent
    Primus (1991-02-08).torrent
    Primus (1990) Spagetti western.torrent
    Oysterhead (2003) Les claypool & Trey Anastasio.torrent
    Oysterhead (2001-11-17) Utica, NY.torrent
    Oysterhead (2001-11-09) Utica, NY.torrent
    LesFancy (2005-10-22).torrent
    LesFancy (2005-10-07) The Quest.torrent
    LesFancy (2005-7-11) Atlanta, GA.torrent
    Frog Brigade (2005-10-21) New York.torrent
    Frog Brigade (2005-01-06) Jamcruise III.torrent
    Frog Brigade (2001-03-03) San Francisco, CA.torrent
    Frog Brigade (2000-08-19) The Fillmore.torrent
    Frog Bridage (2002-06-21) Bonnaroo.torrent
    Frog Bridage (2002-05-25) Mountain Aire.torrent
    C2B3 (2002-09-14) San Francisco.torrent
    C2B3 (2002-06-22) Bonnaroo.torrent
    Bob Cock & The Yellow Sock - 12 November 1993
    Les Claypool'S Bucket Of Bernie'S Brain - Bonnaroo 2002 (Video)
    Primus - Woodstock 1994 (Video)
    Primus - Fuji Rock 2004 (Video)

Ofcourse you'll have the possibility to share your bootlegs aswell. Reply to downloaded bootlegs, give us your opinion. Tell us about your Primus experience, and much more!
Please don't hesitate to sign up and make this the biggest Les Claypool sharing spot on the net!

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